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Dr. Herrmann makes her Druid Hills home energy efficient

February 10, 2013

“I feel much better about my house now,” says Dr. Carol Herrmann of Rainbow Kids Pediatrics in Decatur. “It’s healthier, sounder.”

Retrofitting a home to make it energy efficient is similar to the approach of a medical practitioner like Dr. Herrmann: First run the diagnostics, figure out what to do, then make things right. That’s what Retrofit America did with Dr. Herrmann’s historic 1920 home.

We estimated that we would reduce her heating and cooling costs by over 30% with these four improvements:

Attic with spray foam

Attic with spray foam

1. Spray foaming the attic roof deck and gable walls, and installing an electronically controlled damper to provide combustion air for her furnace.
2. Encapsulating the basement crawlspace by installing a sealed Duraskrim liner over the earthen floor areas and spray foaming the foundation walls.
3. Sealing the attic and basement ductwork connections and seams with mastic paste.


Section of encapsulated basement

4. Carrying out interior air sealing, such as weather stripping doors and sealing a chimney flue.

Dr. Herrmann also replaced 65 incandescent bulbs throughout her home with more efficient compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) or LEDs!

“For years and years, I knew this needed to be done,” Dr. Herrmann says of her home retrofit. “I thought it would mean coordinating lots of people to do different things.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 9.39.21 PM

CFLs and LEDs

With Retrofit America, Dr. Herrmann was able to get everything done at once, with no hassle at all to her – in just three days.

“I was very pleased with the simplicity of it,” she says. “It went very smoothly.”

What does Dr. Herrmann have to say to her Druid Hills neighbors? “As homeowners, we just love to put money into making our home look wonderful with a new coat of paint or new landscaping. We should also put money into our homes for things we may not see – to focus not just on the aesthetics, but also efficiency. I think that’s important.”


Dr. Hermmann’s 1920 home – now energy efficient

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