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A Home Retrofit for #1 Dartmouth

August 19, 2013

“I paid off my house last year,” Ted Cashin explains, “and thought now that I have some spare money, I’ll invest some back in my house.”

So Ted called in Retrofit America. We started with a complete home energy audit for Ted’s home in Avondale Estates.

“It’s a good opportunity to look at how the whole house works,” Ted says. “You analyze the whole house. You’re not just looking at one piece. You’re looking at the whole system – how to make it all work together.”

Retrofit America improved the insulation in Ted’s attic, and he installed a new HVAC system.

Blown fiberglass insulation

Blown fiberglass insulation

For his attic space, Ted had two options: Adding more blown fiberglass insulation to the attic plane or spray foaming under the roof deck and gable walls.

“I don’t really need the attic for storage, and I don’t have HVAC equipment up there,”he says. “so improving the blown insulation is much cheaper.”

To get Ted’s attic right, first sealing air leakage is key. We covered the whole-house fan with a foam board box and installed an attic insulation tent. Then we blew another 10″ of fiberglass insulation to bring the insulation value to R-38.

More than 15" for R-38

More than 15″ for R-38

What was the impact?

“The next day I left my home at noon and moved my thermostat setting up from 75º to 79º,” Ted says. “It was in the 80s all afternoon. When I got back home that evening, the temperature in my home was only 77º. My home had stayed cool on its own. What great efficiency!”

Attic insulation tent

Attic insulation tent

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