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Our 100th Home Retrofit!

December 21, 2013

“There were so many hot and cold spots in our home,” Scott Kelsey says. “When we moved in two summers ago, we had no idea how uncomfortable our master bedroom would be in the winter.”

It turned out that there was no insulation above the master bathroom, which his wife Jenn complained was always cold. With no insulation at all in the crawlspace, that extension to the home was completely exposed to the elements above and below.

Retrofit America achieved our 100th home retrofit at the Kelsey’s home in Decatur – and made everything right for them. This included:


Blown insulation above master bath

• Blowing fiberglass foam insulation in the attic extension area
• Spray foaming the second floor storage area and crawlspaces
• Encapsulating the basement crawlspaces with a Duraskrim liner on the floor and closed-cell foam insulation on the walls
• Sealing leaky ductwork in the basement and attic
• Wrapping the water heater
• Replacing incandescent light bulbs with CFLs

“I really liked the process,” Scott says, “where first you come in and figure out what needs to be done and then implement. It was reassuring to know that the energy auditors would be back to reinspect and test out when it’s all done. It’s nice to know that you are motivated by the end result.”

Spray foam in 2nd floor storage area

Spray foam in 2nd floor storage area

Encapsulated crawlspace

Encapsulated crawlspace

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