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Our 200th Home Retrofit!

February 1, 2017

Retrofit America completed our 200th home retrofit for Beverlee Silva and Amy Langston on St. Charles Place in Atlanta’s Virginia Highland neighborhood.

Beverlee recently retired from practicing corporate law in the environmental practice at Alston and Bird. Amy is a bone marrow transplant specialist at the Winship Cancer Institute at Emory.

Spray foamed attic

Spray foamed attic

Geoff Berlin, Retrofit America’s founder, interviewed Beverlee:

RFA: Why a home retrofit?

Beverlee: The front of our house was always 10 degrees colder or hotter than the back. It was a drafty house, and we wanted to be energy-efficient. We looked at your metrics and decided that there would be a significant reduction in our energy use and costs over the years.

RFA: How’s the result so far?

Window with weather stripping

Window with weather stripping

RFA: It’s been 70 degrees outside in January! Is that because of our work or climate change?

Beverlee: It’s helped tremendously. It’s already way warmer in the house.

Beverlee: (Laughs) Touché!

RFA: As a corporate lawyer who practiced environmental law, what’s your big picture perspective on our nation’s energy use?

Encapsulated crawlspace area

Encapsulated crawlspace area

Beverlee: I represented large corporate energy producers like oil companies and energy transporters like pipeline companies. We’re on the right track with natural gas production that lowers energy costs. This will give us a much cleaner bridge to renewable energy.

RFA: How does that relate back to your home retrofit?

Beverlee: I feel that this is the responsible thing to do. Every bit less power we use cuts down on carbon emissions.

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